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Use the 'Earn' tab to earn sats by offering liquidity to other market participants. You will be acting as a market maker. Creating a fidelity bond is recommended. In Jam, takers pay 100% of the mining fees: as a market maker, you will not pay anything. Just profit!

Fidelity Bonds

Make sure to create a fidelity bond to increase the chances of your offer being taken.

A fidelity bond is a mechanism which ensures that market actors act honestly. It is a protection mechanism against Sybil attacks. A fidelity bond makes the creation of cryptographic identities costly.

Fidelity bonds improve the privacy guarantees of the whole system and increase your chance of being chosen as a market maker drastically.

Be aware that funds locked in a Fidelity Bond will not be included in your offer amount, so remember to keep additional funds in order to participate as a market maker.


It is impossible to move or spend funds that are locked in a fidelity bond before the bond expires. They cannot be used in collaborative transactions (neither as taker nor as maker) as fidelity bonds are time-locked by the Bitcoin protocol.

Fidelity Bonds

Offer Options

There are two types of offers:

  1. Absolute offer: the fee you are charging is set in absolute terms, e.g. as 250 sats.
  2. Relative offer: the fee you are charging is set in percentage terms, e.g. as 0.03%.

Once you are done earning, you can sweep all funds to an external wallet.