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While everyone will use Jam differently, here is one way you can think about the general application flow:

Some of your UTXOs might be chunky and identifiable, like whole or large pieces of fruit. Once you make delicious jam out of them, they are less chunky and less identifiable. You are free to offer your fruits to others so they can make jam more easily.

Without the fruity metaphor: to increase the privacy and fungibility of your funds—and thus your security overall—you should use Jam as both a market maker ('Earn' tab) and a taker ('Send' and 'Sweep' tabs). Use a Jar's sweep functionality or the Scheduler to transfer funds out of Jam, e.g. to move all your funds to cold storage or to use them to open lightning channels. If you want to pay others for goods and services, use send.

First Use

  1. Receive sats to fund your wallet
  2. Send a collaborative transaction to one of your jars
  3. Earn sats by offering liquidity1
  4. Sweep your wallet using the scheduler
  5. Rinse and repeat!

Click "Cheatsheet" at the bottom of the screen to open up the cheatsheet in Jam.


Things to Note

Some processes in Jam might take a long time to complete. Further, Jam is considered beta software. While JoinMarket is tried and tested, Jam is new and things might break. Use with caution. Please report any issues directly on GitHub.

Make sure to understand the privacy fundamentals, best practices, as well as the motivation behind this software. Also, understand that you are participating in a free market. How much you can earn and how many fees you have to pay depends on market conditions.


Privacy Fundamentals


  1. Make sure to create a fidelity bond to increase the chances of your offer being taken.