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Getting Started

Jam is an interface for JoinMarket1, a special kind of bitcoin software that focuses on privacy and security. The goal of Jam is to make it easier to improve the financial privacy of yourself and others.


Both Jam and its documentation are a work in progress. We are writing these docs as we progress, out in the open. If you want to help, please do!


Before You Start

Before you get going with Jam you should understand the "why" behind it all.


Privacy Fundamentals

As mentioned above, Jam uses JoinMarket under the hood. What sets JoinMarket apart is that it has no single point of failure. It is completely peer-to-peer, there is no central coordinator, no "doxxic change", no company behind it all, no marketing department, and no central entity making any money off of it.

All development is done by volunteers. Consequently, please heed the following warning:


Jam is considered beta software. While JoinMarket is tried and tested, Jam is new and things might break. Use with caution. Please report any issues directly on GitHub.


The easiest way to install Jam is via one of the full-node software solutions that includes Jam as an app or plug-in. You can also install it manually yourself.


First Use

Once installed, you will have to add some funds to Jam to get going. If you are new to JoinMarket in general and Jam in particular, you might want to have a look at the "Cheatsheet."


Getting Help

Since there is no company or fixed team behind Jam or JoinMarket, your best bet to get help are public chat groups and public forums. Also make sure to have a look at the FAQ to get answers to frequently asked questions.


GitHub Issues

Matrix Room

Telegram Group

  1. Jam and JoinMarket are separate projects. For more information on JoinMarket, see the JoinMarket GitHub Page